Craig Wolfrom - Photographer

Essays: Idaho Roundup

Fairfield, Idaho

Local rancher Kelly Dennis rounds up his herds from the high mountains in preparation for winter.

Cow dogs play an incredibly important role herding cattle to the corral.  Horses would be worked by mid-day if it were not for the tireless energy of these dedicated dogs.
October can be a dry and dusty month, or, white and snowy.
Four Cowboys work together during a Fall roundup to separate cattle and load them into trucks.
When the cattle get put in their pens, the incessant sounds of mooing and the movement of bodies shifting and swirling produces a iconic scene.
Boone, a twenty-some cowboy, spends weeks at a time living in the mountains watching over the cattle.
With the cattle sorted and on the semi trucks, the cowboys head back to their ranches or camps.